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Welcome to the Lumitech Consulting Blog: Empowering Your Tech Journey

If you are looking for professional copy-written post about Microsoft technologies with all the trending buzzwords and perfectly formatted articles, this content is NOT FOR YOU.

All of our content is being written by professional engineers who are in the trenches everyday and are actively growing businesses with cutting-edge Microsoft solutions. Tech changes so rapidly that continuous information is invaluable in determining a business’s next move.

GOAL = If we can help just one company make a beneficial decision on how to advance on their technology goals, we will consider this blog a success. With all of this out of the way….


Welcome to the Lumitech Consulting blog! We're thrilled to have you here as we embark on a journey of technology exploration and innovation. Our blog is a space where we'll share valuable insights, tips, and expertise in the realm of Microsoft Technology Solutions. Whether you're a business owner, an IT professional, or simply curious about the power of technology, this blog is for you.

About me:

I'm Mack Marchand, the Founder of Lumitech Consulting. I have been a System Admin for many years and have worked with small mom and pops companies to large publicly traded companies, and everything in between. Throughout one’s career, you learn what you enjoy and what truly makes everyday exciting. For me, I found that I have a passion for managing Microsoft technologies such as AD, Azure, and M365. There technologies are the core backbone of thousands of companies and this is what makes my engineering roles exciting. Stressful… yes… but that high risk comes with high reward. I founded Lumitech to help businesses harness the full potential of Microsoft solutions. From Active Directory optimization to Microsoft 365 integration and Azure consulting, I am here to guide you through every step of your tech journey.

Wait… that‘s it?

Yes, that’s it.

But wait… why would a company choose to work with you?

Great question, we are not the biggest company. We do not have the most elaborate project management style. We do not have the best marketing campaigns. We are not in the ’leaders’ section of the Gartner Quadrant.

We are simple. We get the job done right because we bring a level of unparalleled expertise in our areas. When you bring in a true professional that knows the product like the backs of their hands, projects move forward. If you want a customer-centric engagement and also someone that you can call at 3AM on Sunday to get you back up and running before Monday, then reach out to me.

Here's to an inspiring and enlightening journey ahead!

Warm regards,

Mack Marchand

Founder, Lumitech Consulting

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